40% increase in website traffic, since social channel launches

750,000 Instagram accounts reached during May 2021

A steady quantity of qualified B2B leads generated via LinkedIn content strategy 

35,000 website ‘digital transformation’ video views in 30 days

The Challenge

The challenges created by COVID-19 mean that more and more businesses have accelerated their plans for a digital transformation. SFW were facing even fiercer competition for these types of new clients is high in this space needed to get ahead of the game.

SFW was growing quickly when they approached WAYSU at the end of 2020, thanks to lots of word-of-mouth recommendations. But getting recognition and exposure in industries and organisations they didn’t have existing relationships was proving a challenge. Its website at the time wasn’t purveying their value proposition, there was nobody driving SEO and their marketing activity was sporadic.

With a background in providing resources in the form of skilled experts themselves, SFW recognised that they needed a specialist marketing agency to get their brand to reflect their values and turned to WAYSU for guidance.

“WAYSU was an obvious choice,” Keiran explains. “I’ve worked closely with Wayne in the past and always been impressed by his digital marketing knowledge and enthusiasm. Like us, he’s great at helping you understand the problem, as it’s the only way to create a successful solution.”

“While our original website was there, it wasn’t being found… and when it was, it wasn’t representative of our quality, professionalism or brand – and we had little time to focus our efforts on it – that’s why we called on WAYSU.”

About SFW

Launched in 2020, Sim Free World Ltd (SFW) is one of the UK’s leading digital transformation agencies.

SFW supports the teams that lead digital transformation within their organisations, delivering projects across the telecoms, retail, utilities and automotive industries.  SFW helps businesses to streamline digital product launches by enhancing operations, aligning technical and commercial teams, filling skills gaps and leading projects to deliver polished user experiences that enhance brand perceptions.  SFW’s mission is to help companies break down barriers to market with a cohesive digital transformation strategy, implementing agile business methodology and the latest digital technology such as IoT, software-defined infrastructure and cloud.

The Strategy

WAYSU’s background in B2B and tech meant that it was able to grasp SFW’s digital transformation business and its goals as a company from the get-go. Initial strategy meetings and an in-depth interview with SFW’s founder enabled WAYSU to build a clear path forward and quickly develop a cohesive brand identity.

Working closely with Keiran and the SFW team, WAYSU developed a digital marketing channel strategy which included a complete rebuild of the website from scratch.

While WAYSU understood the need for a site that reflected SFW’s brand, its success could only be ensured through a strategy which considered the company’s approach on social media, as well as services like Google AdWords and SEO.

Further to creating the social media handles for SFW initially across Instagram, Twitter and now LinkedIn, the WAYSU team is constantly implementing ways to keep the company’s content fresh, shareable and above-all-else engaging.

Services Provided

Marketing strategy

Brand development

Website design & build

Website content creation

Email migration

SEO strategy

Social media management

Digital asset creation


SFW truly stands out amongst its competitors as an approachable, professional and cool tech company as a result of working with WAYSU’s support. By Implementing an SEO-focused website with a logical visitor journey, SFW has gained the extra credibility needed to attain an expanded client-base that is no longer built from word-of-mouth alone.

Aligning teams and working with people at every level to get everyone on board and help to deliver a shared goal has been key to SFW’s success, so WAYSU positioned them as such using just the right language and imagery to fit the brand’s persona and relate to its audience.

On top of the design and build of the new SFW website, WAYSU set up the hosting provision and email migration across SFW’s internal communications platform.

WAYSU also set up and now manages SFW’s social media channels – Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, creating branded assets that are instantly recognisable as SFW’s – as well as posting insightful, educational, observational and ‘cool’ content. Impressions, followers and likes have increased month on month and collectively these channels are driving over 40% of the SFW website traffic.

WAYSU has also extended its design and branding work in providing a stylised pitch deck for use by SFW for sharp presentations to SFW stakeholders and prospective clients.

Keiran explains: “Digital transformation is seeing businesses treading new ground. There isn’t an easy tick list for people who are heading it up in their organisations to follow and WAYSU is helping us get the exposure and help establish SFW as experts in this playing field.

WAYSU’s strategic expertise on web development, social media and content has increased our marketplace exposure significantly and their design concepts are on point … their knowledge and agility is saving our team a lot of time and resources.


A comprehensive online and social media strategy, development of brand values, an innovative and fully optimised new website and a bank of eye-catching digital media assets, all delivered by WAYSU, have made a huge impact to this boutique digital transformation agency’s market presence.

Establishing a strong brand identity, increasing exposure, as well as reaching and educating influencers who are leading the charge for digital transformation, were the key drivers behind SFW’s engagement with WAYSU.

SFW Hero Image

“In the design and build of our new website and social media content, WAYSU has truly reflected the ‘cool tech’ elements that we offer our customers, as a digital transformation agency. Wayne and his team are brilliant at interpreting our services in a succinct and digestible way for our key target markets and have introduced brand consistency across our messaging” – Keiran Perkins, founder SFW.

“I was particularly impressed with the way WAYSU can interpret our thoughts over one or two conversations – to so accurately reflect and then define our brand values, decipher where we want to go with marketing and simply understand the technical nature of our industry – it’s amazing how quickly they get things done.”

“Working with WAYSU has been painless. I’m not sure if any other agency could have realised our vision so clearly in the same time frame or at the same level as WAYSU has.”

Keiran Perkins | Owner | SFW




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