WAYSU offers a range of digital and print based Marketing and PR services

We Create Content & Re-usable assets

  • Shop Pods - Social Media

    Using well-thought out, highly targeted paid and organic Facebook Adverts and lead forms, WAYSU has increased Shop Pods’ page followers and engagement across Facebook & Instagram by more than 200%

  • Finepanel - Website Design

    WAYSU freshened up FinePanel’s dated website from a visual and customer journey perspective, as well as focusing on SEO and PPC to improve its Google rankings, encouraging more traffic and enquiries

  • Aquaforno - Video

    WAYSU launched a video-based competition on YouTube for Aquaforno II - ‘Guess What’s Cooking’- to encourage interaction & buzz around the outdoor cooking stove’s crowdfunding campaign

  • Shop Pods - PR

    WAYSU set up a number of targeted media interviews with Shop Pods’ desired industry press to promote their hybrid solar powered retail units and raise their profile within in the barber industry

  • Aquaforno - Social Media

    WAYSU took on Aquaforno’s Facebook, YouTube, Google + and Instagram pages and used targeted social media ad campaigns to hit the audiences that mattered most by region, hobbies, interests, personal status, etc.

  • Vape Huts - CBD Video

    Vape Huts were launching a range of CBD products, so WAYSU developed a creative to educate existing customers and engage new markets in the form of a simple Q&A animation video used across social media

  • Shop Pods - Brand Refresh

    WAYSU provided an overall brand refresh for Shop Pods, including a new logo, consistent colour pallet, use of icons and engaging copy writing - as well as developing its overall brand messaging

  • Wooburn - Website Design

    WAYSU provided a new website, colour palette and logo for its building contractor client, Wooburn. Large images, and customer testimonials enriched the user experience and increased enquiries

  • Vape Huts - Quit Smoking Poster

    WAYSU raised brand awareness for Vape Huts and its new Manchester based store, creating a number of different poster & banner campaigns and placing them in prominent locations in the local area

  • Aquaforno - Email Marketing

    Using leads WAYSU generated from Aquaforno’s social media campaigns, we created a range of email campaigns adapted to specific target consumers to encourage pre-orders the Aquaforno II on Indiegogo

  • Macs Barbers - Video

    Mac’s Barbers brought WAYSU onboard improve SEO across their website and to build on its social media presence and help launch its second site using video, images and promotions, getting more appointments

  • Aquaforno - Influencers

    PR outreach, press releases, media interviews and direct social media promotion to influencers generated worldwide exposure of the Aquaforno II outdoor cooking stove across tech and food industries

  • Virustatic Shield - Google Ad Words

    Creating carefully worded Google Display Ads, relatable images, powerful Call to Actions and strategically managing placements and targets, WAYSU generated over 1.1 million ad impressions in 10 days for Virustati...

Shop Pods Summary

Shop Pods engaged WAYSU to increase and improve the quality of their leads through digital marketing. Their aim is to change perceptions of the mobile retail unit concept and the association it has with ‘shipping containers’. WAYSU is helping Shop Pods to raise awareness of their bespoke, fully branded, key-turn solutions and encourage start-ups, franchisors and SMEs to realise their dreams – with a much more cost-effective alternative to a shop rental in fixed a location.

400% increase in online sales via Facebook

100 qualified leads per month through Facebook

10k prospective impressions through Instagram posts in just 5 weeks

2,500 businesses reached with the first ‘paid’ Facebook ads

Aquaforno Summary

In just 5 days, Aquaforno had reached 100% of its $25,000 USD target and after a month, the campaign broke through 500% of its fundraising. By the end of the pre-order campaign, and the end of WAYSU’s involvement with Aquaforno, we had raised more than $250,000 USD. We got exposure in countries all over the world from Germany to Japan, America to Australia, South Africa to Switzerland and many places in between.

£250K raised on Indiegogo in 8 weeks with over 8x against target

28 million Facebook Views of Aquaforno II video – promoted by WAYSU

26 thousand Facebook Shares on Tech and Food industry company pages

Worldwide Brand Recognition and orders from the Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific

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