Argosy launches resilient ‘Deployable’ range for harsh outside broadcast environments


Over-jacketed cables, custom cable reels and tactical fibre optical systems offer ruggedized protection, rapid rigging and derigging, and long-distance signal transport in challenging production environments

Argosy, a leading international supplier of infrastructure products, has launched a range of ‘Deployable Solutions’ designed to ease pressure, increase signal integrity and save time for outside broadcasters covering live events.

“Outside broadcast events are notoriously challenging when it comes to deploying infrastructure,” said Chris Smeeton, director at Argosy. “By establishing this ‘range’, we’re highlighting the hard-wearing solutions that have been developed to speed up the installation process, improve efficiency and provide next-level resilience – making it simpler and easier for our customers to broadcast from harsh production environments such as sports venues, touring events and festivals.”

The Deployable Solutions range includes a host of special over-jacketed cables that provide ruggedized protection to minimise damage from impact, abrasion and longitudinal tension from repeated deployment. These include Argosy’s SMPTE HYPERflex camera cable assemblies and its new TACflex-pro tactical fibre optic cable assemblies that ensure signal integrity over long distances – ideal for remoting cameras and sound locations.

Another key component are the Neutrik opticalCON ADVANCED and LITE cable connectors. These military approved connectors are available in DUO or QUAD versions. Lightweight and mobile for 2 and 4 fibre cables, they provide formidable cable retention due to aramid yarn and a black PUR outer jacket. Argosy has also developed its own brand of robust BNC connectors with tooling to fit each cable option for 1080i, 1080p or UHD requirements.

Argosy’s flagship IMAGE series of HD digital video cables are designed to provide superior performance at high frequency digital applications, as well as being suitable for the lower frequencies used in analogue applications. The small diameter of the IMAGE range has an added benefit over traditional analogue video cables, by affording weight and space savings in high-density installations.

For fast and repeated deployment in harsh environments or retrieval applications, Argosy provides single and 5-way video cables. The robust and flexible design is based on its 4K ready IMAGE 1000 ULTRA conforming to ST-2082 suitable for 12G UHD video deployment in the field. These cables also benefit from rubberised PUR jacket material providing resistance to water, sunlight, chemical and abrasion.

Professional grade XLR microphone cables are also part of Argosy’s Deployable Solutions range with the option to supply 3 Pole XLR M-F Lead Black microphone cable on GT310RM cable drums in lengths of 50, 75 and 100 metres. Weather resistant and well-equipped for harsh environments, these robust cable drums make the storage, use and transportation of microphone cable effortless.

Custom cable reels allow for simple and fast deployment of cable assemblies, which speed up the rigging and derigging at outside broadcast events. Skeleton reels, available in 200M, 300M, and 500M reel lengths and skeleton trolleys offer maximum protection of coiling and transporting cables. The weather resistant Schill GT rubber range of cable drums are designed to handle operating temperatures of between -20°C and +100°C – ideal in settings that have a high risk of exposure to oils, petrols or chemicals. The vibration resistant CD series of steel cable drums complete the Deployable Solutions range.

“Whether it’s triax, SMPTE hybrid fibre, multi-way audio or multichannel data protocols, remote cameras or sound stages, Argosy has a fully formed range of incredibly robust products that address the challenges associated with some of the tricker event-based outside broadcast production environments,” Smeeton concluded.

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