“WAYSU have been instrumental to the successful launch of Vape Huts – from brand development, to web optimisation and email campaigns”.

“They have an analytical,  yet creative approach to all things marketing and I would highly recommend them to other businesses.”

Vape Huts

On a mission to help people who are looking to improve physical and mental well being, Vape Huts is a new healthcare focused concept in the world of vaping and CBD. It makes high quality vaping and CBD products more affordable and more accessible to all.

The Challenge

Vape Huts called on WAYSU to help with the launch of its brand, its new HQ in Greater Manchester, UK, plus it’s new mobile retail unit in Wrexham, Wales. Concurrently, Vape Huts was launching its new line of CBD Products and wanted to get the messaging spot on, for what was, a widely unknown product offering.

Vape and CBD are challenging products to market as certain social media channels don’t allow ad promotions for such products, so innovative posting, well positioned content and clever targeting, plus lots of testing/tweaking were key to driving traffic to the Vape Huts website and its shop floors.

The Strategy


Waysu positioned Vape Huts as a new healthcare focused concept in the world of vaping and CBD. We wanted to promote and build Vape Huts’ reputation as a trusted provider of premium high-quality vaping and CBD products; and to spread the message about using vape as a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes. We also needed to sensitively introduce CBD products to the local consume; a little-known, alternative, health product that Vape Huts was making more accessible and more affordable to the average person.

The Result

Vape Huts’ e-Commerce website, its HQ in Manchester and its portable retail unit in Wrexham have been turning over a steady profit since launch, and its reputation for high quality products and services has been built up and maintained through social media, email marketing campaigns and press coverage.

Services provided:

  • Brand Design & Launch, including logo & branding guidelines
  • Website Build, Optimisation & Content Development
  • Marketing Launch of Vape Huts HQ
  • Marketing & PR Launch of Wrexham ‘Hut’
  • Press Releases & Local Media Interviews for Wrexham Hut
  • Digital Asset Creation
  • Social Media Management
  • Lead Generation
  • Email Campaign Development and Delivery
  • Design of Printed Promotional Material, including posters, leaflets, signage
  • Competition Promotion




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